February 9th 2009 - Redwood Technologies has achieved Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status. Gold Certified Partners represent the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies, and have the closest working relationship with Microsoft. For Redwood’s partners and customers, the certification is an assurance that the company has the competencies and in-house skills to extract maximum value from the Microsoft-based programs and applications its engineers write and work with.

While Redwood is committed to open standards, the ubiquity of Microsoft makes it essential for any technology company to demonstrate an expertise with its applications and operating systems. As a Gold Certified Partner, Redwood has a head start with the very latest innovations and developments from Microsoft, allowing it to implement the most advanced technologies rapidly and with confidence.

Where Redwood works with dedicated Microsoft partners, they can be sure that the company brings the highest standards of knowledge and capability to the project, and that it has access to the best support and resources that Microsoft can provide. Equally, where Redwood’’s open-standard services and applications are required to integrate with Microsoft-based solutions, Gold Partner status and specialist certifications, such as ISV Software Solutions competency, ensure that the integration is seamless and robust.

Sean Taylor, Managing Director for Redwood Technologies, commented: "This is an important strategic step for Redwood. Achieving Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status demonstrates our continued commitment to technical excellence and innovation, and represents a true vote of confidence from a world-wide industry leader."

For further information please contact:- Rachel Love T. +[44] (0) 1 344 304 344 F. +[44] (0) 1 344 304 345 E. rnl@redwoodtech.com

February 9, 2009
Category: News