It’s easy to see the appeal of keeping the Internet in your pocket. As well as being easier to carry around than a computer, the small screen of a mobile phone offers a quick and hugely convenient source of information in scenarios such as on a crowded bus or on train journeys.

More and more companies are picking up on the Mobile Internet trend and creating bespoke made-for-mobile web pages. Popular information and entertainment downloads include ringtones, games, horoscopes, music, real-time news and travel information, all delivered directly to the mobile phone at the touch of a button, from any location.

In order to cater for the huge surge in mobile downloads, leading-edge equipment is of paramount importance to carriers and Service Providers. Implementation of Mobile Internet requires expertise and experience with many different networks and protocols, so that the convergence can encompass existing infrastructure and grow to meet the increasing demand for access.

In order to cater for the increasing demand in Mobile Internet Services, Europe’s largest interactive mass media platform STORM, has rolled out a range of new service capabilities.

Mobile Internet services can now be built quickly and easily using STORM’s RedResponse service builder.

Connected to all UK mobile operators the system offers unparalleled capacity as well as feature capabilities.

Based around high-performance, carrier-grade platforms from Redwood Technologies the system acts as a reliable and secure gateway to managed IP networks and is fully compliant with the IMS (IP Media Subsystem) standards set by wireless standards body 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project), designed to aid the access of multimedia applications across wireless and wireline terminals.

Service Benefits:

Service Provider – Marketing and Profiling

An SMS or MMS video campaign with downloadable discount voucher or link to online ordering system encourages impulse browsing and purchasing.

Customer and regional profiling can be conducted through review of order responses and vouchers redeemed in-store.

Service Provider – New Customer Base

Internet customers who do not have regular access to a desktop computer can be reached on a mobile.

User – Social Browsing

Movie trailers, cinema ticket reservations, restaurant vouchers and travel directions straight to the mobile. Online banking, e-mail and auctions available on pages that look as good as on the desktop.

April 1, 2008
Category: News