Founded in 1961, CYTA (Cyprus Telecommunication Authority) provides, maintains and develops a full range of telecommunications services, telephony (fixed and mobile), Internet, digital and interactive television, both in Cyprus and overseas.

A number of national and local media companies in Cyprus, mainly TV stations and CYTA’s television network, miVision, use televoting as an integral part of their format. During a televised series or special event, such as the Eurovision Song Contest, CYTA handles hundreds of thousands of calls from viewers, on top of the standard voice traffic.

In order to handle the huge bursts of service demand from users, CYTA has implemented Redwood’s RedResponse solution – the technology behind some of the largest mass calling systems in the world, with well-known deployments including the telephone voting systems used for shows such as Big Brother, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and The Eurovision Song Contest.

With a January 2008 live date, the RedResponse platform brings a number of benefits to CYTA. As well as providing high throughput, capacity and reliability, the state-of-the-art solution allows the company to offer a whole range of new interactive voting methods, and analyse its services in real-time.

The system supports interactive voting services such as Question and Answer, where the caller is required to enter their chosen option, in addition to passive voting, where the caller simply dials a unique number associated with their choice. RedResponse additionally allows call recording, ASR and DTMF inputs, plus options for SMS, online and red button voting.

Demographic information on viewers can be collected by simple methods such as using Caller ID to determine where a viewer lives, or more detailed information obtained through questionnaires.

Other information, such as the number of new viewers participating in a mass calling event, can help CYTA determine how effective a particular show format is, and whether its appeal is starting to decline.

March 1, 2008
Category: News