Redwood’s state-of-the-art statistics package, RedView, continues to lead the field by offering advanced real-time campaign monitoring and fully auditable winner selection services.

In the current climate of uncertainty surrounding phone-in competitions operated by the big broadcasters, RedView will come as a breath of fresh air. Fully auditable and easily accessible, yet completely secure, the product delivers everything that media companies will demand in order to meet the new regulatory guidelines.

In response to the recent scandals surrounding premium rate phone-ins and winner selection on high profile TV shows, Redwood is pleased to announce the launch of the Dashboard – the real-time arm of the RedView call statistics viewer.

The Dashboard enables users to view the performance of the campaign as it happens.  Stats can be viewed in a selection of formats, including bar graphs and pie charts showing total calls, and summaries of access method by caller: phone, SMS, Red Button and web.

Voting campaign results are collected and counted, charity pledges are gathered, competition winners are selected, and at every step, the story is being monitored and managed by the Dashboard.

Access to the Dashboard is restricted to authorised personnel only, by password protection. Rights to each feature (such as picking a winner) are allocated separately, so a user can, for example, view the statistics but be unable to enter the Pick a Winner section.

Recordings of callers’ responses can easily be collected and stored in a secure and tamper-proof way. Users can be permitted secure access to view event details and listen to recordings, but the details of the call cannot be changed or erased.

Central to the Dashboard capabilities is the critical Pick a Winner service. Winners are selected at random, but can be checked before they are declared. For example, a picked winner may be underage or ineligible in some other way. For each winner picked and vetted, a comment can be added to the record before moving on to the next winner.

Every action is given a unique ID and timestamp, as well as the caller’s number and other details of the call, so any dispute or questions can be settled simply by looking at the database.

The Dashboard is designed to meet or exceed all the prevailing regulatory requirements, giving its users peace of mind as well as an easy and fun to use interface.

Redwood’s RedView statistics package offers a complete statistics interface that is versatile and easy to use. Full reporting and analysis is available with full graphics, a variety of formats and multi-language support. RedView is part of Redwood’s RTSinfonia Communications Architecture.

January 1, 2008
Category: News