28 November 2007 – Telecoms giant British Telecommunications plc (BT) has chosen Redwood’s best-in-class RedAlert service for the rapid distribution of alerts and information for its mission-critical clients.

Redwood’s tried and tested multi-media solution can easily handle massive alert volumes for distribution to millions of recipients in a short space of time.

The array of flexible features and high reliability on offer with this powerful application proved to be a winner.

"We were aware of Redwood’s outstanding reputation for handling high volumes of inbound traffic, so the company was a natural choice for high volume outbound services," said Ian Drury, Lead Technical Consultant at BT. "We were impressed with the flexible and professional pre-sales approach that Redwood took in supporting our team and, post-sales, are very pleased with the pedigree of the solution and the excellent 24x7 support provided."

Scalable from contacting just a few individuals up to millions of people in a single campaign, RedAlert was originally designed to alert communities at risk from natural disaster.

Now used by a wide variety of clients, including governmental bodies, large enterprise, fixed line and mobile operators and ISPs for a variety of alerting tasks, the rapid dissemination service can provide the means to send out critical information to contact groups by telephone, SMS, email, pager and fax quickly and efficiently.

The modularity of the architecture gives superb flexibility, whilst ensuring that technical stability remains at the 99.999% plus level required for such solutions.

Examples include RedMatrix® conferencing modules, which can be merged with RedAlert to allow multi-party, real-time communication as part of the alerting operation; RedRecorder™ call recording to enable rapid updates of status changes whilst a campaign is in progress; and RedLink® Unified Communications modules, which allow information to be automatically converted from one format to another, e.g. email to voice or SMS, thereby offering a full range of customised contact options to suit a recipient’s preference and accessibility.

November 28, 2007
Category: News