In a move that is already whipping up waves in the UK Premium Rate Services industry, hosted services specialist and Redwood client, Content Guru has commenced rollout of its STORM (Services for Television, Online and Radio Media) platform.

Aimed squarely at the UK’s burgeoning Call TV market, STORM’s network of Redwood DNX®-1200 communications servers provides the first genuine call-handling alternative for UK broadcast media.

Backed by and designed alongside the Cable & Wireless national network, STORM initially provides service from two resilient locations. The current phase of implementation sees the platform taken to 6,000 lines of capacity in Q1 2007, increasing to 22,000 lines across five locations by the middle of the year. This capacity will make STORM the largest single mass calling facility in the UK.

But, as Martin Taylor, Sales and Marketing Director at Redwood, points out, port count is not the only measure to consider: "We are delighted to have been presented with the STORM opportunity. We will be ensuring that our experience in call handling for services such as Big Brother, The X-Factor and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? is put to good use in this next generation solution. A lot of people make claims about having 8,000 ports or 10,000 ports, but I always ask "of what?"

"When we rolled out our national mass calling and complex IVR solution for KPN Telecom in the Netherlands, the client carried out volume handling field tests against the next best platform in the market. The Redwood DNX solution turned around 10% more calls, port for port, in a given period of time, operating under full load. And that was against a properly optimised mass calling platform, not some collection of old museum pieces.

"When you are running a TV spot, wringing out every last call means the difference between profit and loss."

He continues: "STORM also moves the game on in terms of capability, even compared with the platforms we have put out in the last two to three years.

"The switching features that live-to-studio applications will need are all there, in addition to the IVR horsepower that TV producers are demanding, which in turn is going to make the whole Call TV experience that much richer for participants."

STORM has also been designed from the outset to operate VoIP and multimedia IP services, ranging from IP Centrex for distributed home agents, through to mobile video streaming and messaging.

STORM’s online management and statistical capabilities, combined with attractive outpayments against all UK PRS tariffs, have already seen the platform hosting traffic for an impressive array of service provider clients. Watch this space for more news in the coming months.

June 1, 2006
Category: News