As one of the most popular events in the international sporting calendar, the FIFA World Cup provides an execeptional foundation for a range of lucrative promotional media services.

An innovative example comes from KPN Telecom NV, the largest telecommunications company in the Netherlands.

Celebrity Commentary

KPN provided a live broadcast service during each of the Netherland’s qualifying World Cup matches that allowed fans to dial in and listen to live commentary over the telephone from any location.

A selection of celebrity commentators attracted thousands of callers to the service during each match, with call volumes rising significantly for each progressive game.

Leading equipment

The calls were handled by a Redwood DNX® media gateway, which has been in operation at KPN for over 3 years and concurrently operates as one of the largest mass calling systems in the world.

Combined with Redwood’s highly powerful Service Creation Environment, the DNX’s broadcasting technology module allows KPN to build, develop and roll out promotional services for any event in just minutes.  Additionally, the system can be used to broadcast information for a whole range of business, financial and entertainment purposes.

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May 30, 2006
Category: News