Leading Dutch Telecommunication Company Boosts Systems for High-Performance, Reliable Solution

"With this system, based on Microsoft technology, we can handle more calls concurrently to a factor of one and a half. The ability to handle 50 per cent more calls equals 50 per cent more revenue.” Joop van der Wijngaard, Manager, Voice, KPN

Dutch telecommunications company KPN is a market leader in providing mass calling services for companies in the Netherlands. Reality television producer Endemol Nederland, the creator of the "Big Brother" reality TV show, is one of its major customers. KPN's systems handle thousands of viewers' calls during the broadcast. It wanted to replace an antiquated legacy system with a new platform that would allow it to handle more calls concurrently. Working with United Kingdom (U.K.) based Microsoft Certified Partner, Redwood Technologies, KPN implemented a next-generation network services system, supported by Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.0, Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server, and Microsoft SQL Server 2000, part of Microsoft Windows Server integrated server software. The company can now handle an average of 50 per cent more concurrent calls. The system is scalable to handle growth and the roll-out of next-generation services. Furthermore, development work is now three times faster.

March 20, 2006
Category: News