11 January 2006 - Now compatible with the Next Generation Network architecture, Redwood’s newly launched RedMatrix v4.03 takes the capabilities of its conferencing platform to a new level.

The RedMatrix platform combines flexible conference configuration options with powerful real-time management, co-ordination and reporting tools.

The package supports multiple, simultaneous conferences, in a controlled and scalable environment. Meetings can be set up instantly, or pre-arranged via the built-in scheduling tools. With optional ‘listen-only’ mode and recording features, conferences can be managed and controlled easily and effectively, providing a complete solution for managed and self-managed conferencing requirements.

Supporting all types of VoIP infrastructures and SS7, E1, T1 and analogue connections, the system allows conferees to call in, or be called, wherever they happen to be, whether at home, in the office, or on the road.

Additionally, RedMatrix integrates seamlessly with Redwood’s award-winning real-time billing engine to allow tariffed access to conferencing features.

The latest RedMatrix incorporates a range of innovative features to further enhance the hugely versatile audio conferencing solution. These include:

One Click Instant Conferencing

Contacts or contact groups are brought together immediately with the ‘Instant Conference’ option. When selected, specified participants are immediately dialled and added in to a conference, providing instant communication.

Self-Service IVR Scheduling and SMS Notification Conferences can be scheduled easily and conveniently by telephone using the new ‘Scheduling’ IVR menu. Notification of future conferences can be provided to participants via SMS - ideal for users on the move.

Secure Registration

New users can register for the RedMatrix service online or via the ‘Registration’ IVR menu. Once registered, users can access self-managed conferencing features, subject to the security allowance set by the operator. User registration details can also be sent via SMS.

Enhanced Conference Manager

The enhanced Conference Manager incorporates important new facilities, such as a ‘lock’ mechanism that prevents additional users from joining a conference once all expected participants are connected.

Additional information on Redwood’s RedMatrix audio conferencing application can be found at Products: RedMatrix.

For further information please contact:- Rachel Love T. +[44] (0) 1 344 304 344 F. +[44] (0) 1 344 304 345 E. rnl@redwoodtech.com

January 11, 2006
Category: News