KPN Telecom, the largest telecommunications company in the Netherlands, set new mass calling records during the recent televoting campaign for ‘Domino Day’, an event that set a new world record itself - in domino toppling.

The television broadcasting of Domino Day on 12th November showed a world record 3,992,397 dominoes toppling. During the two hour show, KPN gave viewers the opportunity to predict the outcome of the challenge or to compete in a domino sequence game. New records were set for the number of calls processed during a campaign and for the maximum number of calls handled per minute.

The calls were handled by a Redwood Technologies INX™ (Intelligent Network Xchange™) system, which has been in operation at KPN for over 2 years and is one of the largest mass calling systems in the world. The system uses Redwood’s RedResponse® mass calling application, which incorporates fixed-charge and time-based billing mechanisms for participants using mobile, fixed-line and online communication.

The system not only allows lucrative mass calling campaigns such as this to take place, the INX has the ability to run multiple applications and services to continuously generate revenue throughout the day, every day. KPN uses Redwood’s INX system for a vast range of Value Added Network Services, including prepaid billing, directory enquiries and network announcements, such as ‘Announcement When Busy’ notifications.

About KPN

Incorporated in 1989, KPN provides telecommunications services to consumers and business customers. The company is the market leader in the major segments of the Dutch telecommunications market and also provides mobile services to Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, plus data services to Western Europe.

At the end of September 2004, the company had 7.5 million fixed-line subscribers and 1.6 million Internet customers in the Netherlands. At the same time, KPN had 16.4 million mobile customers in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, and 28,427 employees.

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September 1, 2005
Category: News