Public PayphoneAugust 2005 - The public payphone service is of vital importance to communities all over the world. Whilst many people still rely on the service as their only access to telephones, vast numbers of fixed line subscribers and mobile users also view the service as a vital adjunct.

Despite this, the reliability of public payphones is often a major issue, largely due to acts of vandalism such as cut lines, jammed coin slots or wear and tear of card readers.

The RedRouter™ PayPhone Solution

Redwood’’s RedRouter PayPhone range provides the solution to this problem. The high-quality, ruggedized telephone features a minimum of moving parts and is manufactured using weatherproof and vandal-resistant materials.

The functionality of a traditional currency-operated payphone or stored-value card phone is replicated, however the payphone does not contain a card reader slot, moneybox or LCD screen, so the potential for damage is dramatically minimised. All information is conveyed to the caller via Interactive Voice Response from a centralised DNX billing system.

RedRouter Networks

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and GSM variants of the RedRouter PayPhone are also available, allowing Mobile Network Operators to provide public payphone services.

User and Operator Benefits

The RedRouter PayPhone retails for a fraction of the cost of a traditional payphone. Servicing costs are kept low due to the bare minimum of moving parts.

The payphone can be configured to provide access to other Redwood Value Added Network Services, such as RedLink® virtual telephony voice messaging or RedResponse® Premium Rate Services.

Unrivalled flexibility of billing is offered, as tariffing is centralised in the DNX prepaid calling card application.

RedRouter PayPhone , with RedRouter Calling Card and the DNX intelligent switch, represents a total solution to all payphone requirements.

For further information please contact:- Rachel Love T. +[44] (0) 1 344 304 344 F. +[44] (0) 1 344 304 345 E.

August 1, 2005
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