July 2005 - Redwood Technologies, a leading international provider of communications solutions for Value Added Network Services and Next Generation Networks, is pleased to announce that its latest Version 5 RTPerformer core operating system now includes a comprehensive implementation of leading IN standards for fixed and wireless networks.

RTPerformer is the kernel software at the centre of each Redwood DNX communications platform. The addition of the IN feature set enhances the implementation possibilities for Redwood’s best-selling DNX, which has already been deployed in more than 1,000 client locations in 60 countries.

The DNX can operate within an Intelligent Network architecture as a Service Control Point, Intelligent Peripheral or Service Switching Point.

The option of IN implementation can be provided for all of Redwood’s major services, including real-time voice and data billing, mass calling/televoting, subscriber voice mail, protocol conversion, audio conferencing and call recording.

Rapid Development of Advanced IN Services

IN provides network operators with the capability to provision new services and to customise existing services throughout an entire network quickly and efficiently. New IN applications are designed in Redwood’s highly powerful, but easy-to-use, graphical Service Creation Environment, RTComposer. RTComposer allows rapid development of Advanced Intelligent Network services that conform to Capability Set 1 (CS1) and Capability Set 2 (CS2).

RTComposer’s new IN building blocks allow seamless integration with Wireless Intelligent Network (WIN) applications for CDMA networks and CAMEL (Customised Applications for Mobile Enhanced Logic) for GSM networks.

IN applications developed in RTComposer are implemented over the award-winning RTStudio® web-enabled provisioning interface to the DNX devices in the network.

Additional V5 Features

Many other aspects of RTPerformer have been updated in 2005’s major v5 release. Important developments include the implementation of new security features in the latest operating system, as well as updated drivers providing significant efficiency gains - up to 25% less processor load and up to 10% better call throughput.

The ability to provide broadcast services has been vastly upscaled in order to allow a theoretically unlimited number of listeners to connect with potentially thousands of broadcast sources.

In the packet switched arena, the addition of MEGACO/ H.248 to Redwood’s VoIP call control portfolio enables the DNX platform to operate as either an MG (Media Gateway) or an MGC (Media Gateway Controller).

With its latest Version 5 RTPerformer and new generation DNX-1200, Redwood now brings its widest ever range of service capabilities to its broadest audience yet.

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July 1, 2005
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