16 March 2004 – Redwood Technologies, the leading provider of Value Added Network Services equipment, is pleased to announce the launch of RedRouter v4.03, the latest version of its prepaid services application for IP and telephone networks with a new record on demand capability.

RedRouter is one of the world’’s leading prepaid products. Its scalable, network strength nature has made it a natural choice for many of the world’’s biggest fixed line operators, mobile operators, ISPs and large enterprise organisations. Already incorporating a rich feature set in billing, switching, partitioning and web control, the latest developments enhance the solution further still.

Already an ICSTIS (Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services) approved supplier of recording equipment for UK Premium Rate Services, Redwood has extended its call recording facility to the RedRouter prepaid application. The RedRouter system can record calls on demand, from the beginning of or even during a call. The caller can then listen to the recording, or request that it is sent to the email address registered to their account. This powerful feature allows callers to record any phone call from any phone connected to the PSTN.

RedRouter v4.03 also offers a range of other advanced features to meet modern prepaid operators’ requirements. Significantly, the new credit card top-up feature allows calling card customers to pay for additional call credit with a credit card registered securely online.

A new ROB (Retry on Busy) option sets the system to continuously retry a busy number, if required, and can then connect the call once the number is available.

Contact centre functionality has been enhanced with the new ICC (Interactive Contact Centre) capability. This allows contact centre representatives to assist callers with a range of requests. This includes setting up calls and transferring callers into specific menu options within the RedRouter service.

Many other aspects of RedRouter have been improved to increase ease-of-use and control. Amongst the most significant of these changes is an upgrade to the tariff management system to allow new tariffing plans to be implemented more quickly and easily and enhancements to the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) modules of the product to allow stronger branding of services.

Cost-effective over a wide range of sizes and configurations, the RedRouter prepaid application runs on Redwood’s softswitch, currently installed in 60 countries worldwide. Redwood has been a pioneer in prepaid services for over a decade. The company has launched major installations into countries such as Germany, the UK and the Netherlands and installed Europe’’s first prepaid dial tone system for a national telco. RedRouter is used over many continents, such as Africa, where Redwood installed the first SS7-interconnected prepaid calling card platform in Nigeria.

The new RedRouter aims to continue to provide innovation into developing and mature markets.

March 16, 2004
Category: News