16 March 2004 – Redwood Technologies, the leading provider of Value Added Network Services equipment, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest intelligent switching platform and communications server, the Digital Network Xchange™ DNX-1200.

Developed to service carrier and ASP markets, the new platform offers increased reliability and resilience, further extending the standards set by Redwood’s DNX-1100. The platform is also designed to support safety and EMC standards such as EN 60950 and EN 300-386.

The DNX-1200 has been designed from the outset to provide the highest density in the most compact footprint.

The DNX-1200 supports a wide range of multi-media functionality including SMS, video, voice and fax, plus hundreds of signalling protocols such as SS7, E1, T1, SIP, H.323 and V5.2, enabling integration with any IP and telephone network. The platform is scalable to support tens of thousands of ports and millions of users by clustering DNX units into a larger INX™ (Intelligent Network Xchange™) configuration.

An enhanced and improved version of Redwood’s current top of the range platform, the DNX-1100, which itself has been selected by many of the world’’s biggest fixed line operators, mobile operators, ISPs and large enterprise organisations in over sixty countries, the DNX-1200 incorporates many advanced and innovative features.

The modular architecture of the platform allows its functionality to be configured to provide a hugely versatile range of communications services, including media gateway, protocol conversion, prepaid communications, unified communications, audio conferencing, Interactive Voice Response, premium rate, SMS, text-to-speech, personal numbering, mass calling / televoting, call recording and virtual contact centres.

The DNX-1200 is made up of two separate chambers that can operate in stand-alone mode or in tandem, and can each be independently removed from the chassis surround. As well as increasing flexibility, this allows less downtime when expanding capacity or carrying out maintenance.

Hot swap & hot plug functionality is also supported. Redundant components including power supplies (AC or –48V DC), fan trays and hard disk drives can all be replaced while the system is running.

Advanced system monitoring features have been incorporated into the DNX-1200 design, for use in conjunction with Redwood’s remote monitoring Graphical User Interface, RTMonitor®. New features include a ‘door open’ sensor, as well as indicator LEDs to the front of the unit, allowing clear, reliable, on-site monitoring of temperature, voltages and fans.

An updated cooling system mechanism includes speed control, whereby the speed of the fan increases in relation to the volume of traffic on the system, effectively ventilating and cooling the components, as and when required, for maximum efficiency.

Advantageous features already associated with the DNX-1100, such as openness, ease of configurability, and robustness, are retained and enhanced in the DNX-1200, making it the ideal option for all communications requirements.

The DNX-1200 will be demonstrated at CeBIT 2004 on stand D34 in hall 13

March 16, 2004
Category: News