2 February 2004 - Redwood Technologies, the leading provider of Value Added Network Services equipment, today announced that Nigerian regional telco Rainbownet Limited has selected Redwood's multi-media, multi-service platform, the DNX®-1100, to provide local exchange switching and billing for its Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) subscriber network.

Enugu-based Rainbownet, already a well-known Internet Service Provider in Nigeria, was among the first companies to take advantage of FWA licences purchased at auction from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). Rainbownet's Fixed Wireless Access service, which provides fast data and telephony access, will initially be provided to residential, commercial and governmental clients in five contiguous states in the southern region of Nigeria, namely Enugu, Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi and Imo states. The service will gradually be expanded to rural areas.

With a team of Redwood's installation engineers currently installing the DNX-1100 switch at Rainbownet's headquarters in Enugu, seamless communications will be enabled between the FWA network and the PSTN, GSM and VoIP carriers that make up Rainbownet’’’’s communications infrastructure. The next stage of the project sees Rainbownet's locations linked by a resilient, high-throughput microwave backbone allowing efficient concentration of physical resources and billing data.

Value Added Services will also operate from the DNX-1100. The latest version of Redwood's prepaid communications solution, RedRouter™, will enable the prepaid billing of any or all subscribers, circumventing potential bad debt and collection issues and reducing administrative costs for Rainbownet, whilst introducing a new level of account transparency and flexibility to customers and resellers. With the additional potential to host prepaid calling cards and next-generation payphone services, the company will be able to rapidly generate revenue whilst a solid base of FWA subscribers is built up. Further services such as voicemail and virtual telephony facilities will also be offered.

Redwood has built its reputation in Nigeria during more than six years of close involvement, initially supplying equipment to the country's pioneering Value Added Network Service providers, but recently emerging to supply what is thought to be the largest prepaid billing system in Africa for Nigerian Telecommunications Limited (Nitel), with nationwide coverage being provided from nodes throughout Nigeria. With further exciting new installations taking place throughout 2004, this year will see Redwood establish itself as the pre-eminent provider of high-return communications solutions tailored to the needs of Nigerian customers.

About Rainbownet

Rainbownet is a leading provider of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services. The company is licensed to provide telecommunications services including international VSAT networks and regional Private Network Links (PNL) using Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access (S-CDMA).

With a team of over 150 skilled personnel, Rainbownet is committed to the development and expansion of the telecommunications sector in the South Eastern states of Nigeria.

February 2, 2004
Category: News