Berkshire, 1st May 2002 - Redwood Technologies, the leading supplier of enhanced communication services, today announced that Carphone Warehouse Services (CPWS) has chosen Redwood''s DNX -800 platform to provide the telephone payment service for Fresh, the Virtual Mobile Operator (VMO).

The VMO, which is a separately branded subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse, has developed a service to appeal to those who do not want to pay their mobile phone bills via a monthly Direct Debit and be tied to a twelve month contract. The service is also more convenient than a ''pay as you go phone'', with customers able to purchase ''top-up'' credit over the phone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without having to go to a retail outlet to purchase a prepaid voucher.

This automated payment service is handled by CPWS''s DNX-800. Upon purchase of the handset, the user must initially call Customer Services in order to pay for airtime via credit or debit card. They are then provided with a unique PIN. This PIN ensures the security of the user''s credit/debit card details, as they need only provide them once. All future top-ups can then be carried out via the automated service. When the user wishes to purchase more credit, they dial a freephone number and are prompted via an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu to enter the mobile telephone number they would like the credit added to. The user then selects the value of credit required and enters their unique PIN. The DNX-800 verifies the PIN and mobile number against the user register and, if verified, credits the appropriate amount of airtime to the mobile phone user, after collecting payment from the registered credit/debit card. The service can also be configured to send an SMS message when the airtime balance reaches a specific value, to remind the user that they need to buy more airtime.

May 1, 2002
Category: News