Web Provisioning Interface Gains Award for Innovation

Berkshire, 13 March 2002 - Redwood Technologies, the leading supplier of enhanced communication services, today announced that its RTStudio™ web provisioning interface has been selected for the prestigious Product of the Year 2001 award by the US magazine, Communications Solutions. RTStudio is the web- based management tool for remote control of Redwood''s DNX and INX systems.

Sean Taylor, Managing Director, Redwood Technologies said, "We are delighted to receive this recognition. RTStudio represents an important way forward for the provisioning of services and the partitioning of our switch. It utilises web technology in a very practical way to help reduce operational costs for some of Redwood''s largest clients."

RTStudio enables high cost Value Added Services platforms to be ''multi-tasked'', thereby increasing revenues and operating efficiency. RTStudio allows the owner of a communications platform to divide their systems into subgroups of virtual telcos/ virtual ISPs/ virtual mobile operators. These virtual operators in turn can divide their partition into different access levels for various subgroups of user - e.g. agents, their subgroups (operations and maintenance personnel, administration staff, etc.) and ultimately the end user. Each subgroup operates independently from other groups giving the impression of complete system ownership.

Different security levels can also be set within RTStudio - for example allowing a Service Operator to manage specific applications, check users'' account details and manage audioc conferences, while a Service Manager can perform operations and maintenance functions, manage services, upload new applications and assign them to DDIs, create and manage partitions and assign routing parameters. RTStudio interfaces with Redwood''s DNX/INX™, enabling the operator to offer ''virtual carrier'' capability to their corporate customers and the opportunity to provide branded services to their users. It is fully scalable, with no limit on the number of users, cluster size, partitions or services.

As well as the benefits to the operator, RTStudio also empowers the reseller/agent and the end user, allowing them to programme and configure their own telephone and Internet services via the web, allowing 24 x 7 x 365 access. These users can view their own or their group''s account details and change the configuration of their services (for example, check outstanding credit on a calling card, change personal number configuration settings or change mailbox settings). It will no longer be necessary to speak to a Call Centre or service operator to set priorities on a telephone service. Instead, the user can do this themselves from any location with Internet access. By automating the process, RTStudio reduces the complexity and expense associated with today''s manually configured services, enabling the operator to profitably offer high volume, lower-value services, leveraging the reduced cost business models.

March 13, 2002
Category: News