CTI platform integrates voice and data systems for Panasonic’s Desktop Telephony Assistant. Berkshire, 20 March 2001 – Panasonic has chosen Berkshire-based voice processing specialists, Redwood Technologies as its first outsourced UK software based partner to develop their Desktop Telephony Assistant (DTA) application.

Redwood Technologies, a specialist in telecommunications systems and technologies for intelligent network service applications, switching equipment and multi-media platforms, developed the technology behind Panasonic’s DTA. The desktop PC software application integrates both telephone and data systems to display real-time contact management details.

The DTA client/server software package was developed by Redwood as a third party computer telephony integration (CTI) platform to improve customer service levels and introduce operational efficiencies in call  handling. Even before a call is answered, the customer’s contact history, personal and other relevant details appear on screen to provide a personalised greeting and discussion.

DTA also integrates with existing Windows PC applications including contact managers and databases enabling the user to seamlessly display on-screen customer information. Such features go beyond standard caller line identification (CLI) yet its big company benefits are available to small to medium size organisations.

DTA connects telephone systems with a data link to a Local Area Network (LAN) informing TAPI applications running on the computer system of the status of telephony events. The computer system subsequently and automatically activates the required telephone system features. “This system with its in-built and robust functionality greatly improves customer service processes and business efficiency,” comments Sean Taylor, Redwood Technologies’ Managing Director.

The DTA comprises server and client software; the server application runs on a networked PC running Windows NT while the client runs on Windows 95/98/2000. and NT. Full on-line help is available at every.

March 20, 2001
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