Berkshire, July 2000 - Redwood’s INX™ platform has now been approved for connection to the BT network for freephone and indirect access (1xxx) services.

The approval for connection will benefit OLOs (other licensed operators) requiring direct interconnection to the BT network using Signalling System #7 (C7). In gaining this approval, Redwood joins a select group of manufacturers that have managed to pass the stringent requirements of BT’s NIF (network interface function) testing.

Redwood also holds a number of approvals for interconnection to other carriers supporting SS#7 variants such as ETSI ISUP.

The INX is a multi-service platform that allows seamless integration of switching with other Value Added Network Services, such as Unified Messaging, calling card applications, personal numbering services, audio conferencing and Internet telephony.

July 1, 2000
Category: News