Berkshire, July 2000 - As part of its policy of continuous product development, Redwood has announced Release 4 of RedSelector, its high capacity intelligent switching and billing platform designed for network operators, airtime resellers, and providers of Value Added Network Services.

“The new version is the result of feedback analysis from a range of telcos, from small start-ups looking to break into the market with new ideas, through to incumbents looking to consolidate their positions with a broader range of services,” states Sean Taylor, Redwood’s Managing Director.

RedSelector is a multi-purpose switching application, which runs on Redwood’s DNX and INX switching platforms. Built with Redwood’s award-winning RTSinfonia® open architecture, RedSelector has been designed to allow the requirements of all sizes of operator to be met by a single system. For start-up operations, it can be scaled from a low cost, entry-level DNX system with a small number of T1/E1 or IP ports. This provides switching, protocol conversion and back office functionality in a single chassis - a ’telco in a box’. For installations requiring higher capacity, DNX units are clustered into a larger INX system with a capacity of thousands of ports and running protocols such as SS#7. RedSelector will run seamlessly across both DNX and INX configurations. Taylor continues, “The trick has been to make the product cost-effective to as wide a range of companies as possible. Scalability was built into the architecture of the system from its inception, so that there would be no significant cost penalties at any point in the growth curve.”

Redwood’s RTSinfonia® open architecture means that RedSelector can also support third-party database engines and larger RDBMS’s (e.g. Oracle®, Microsoft SQLServer®) via the use of interfaces such as ODBC. RTSinfonia was designed to enable users to take advantage of open standards in the communications and computer industries. This flexibility also allows operators the opportunity to incorporate new technology (e.g. IP Telephony) as it develops.

RedSelector supports several routing configurations including Number Translation Services, freephone routing, least cost routing, CLI and DDI routing. The product can function as a protocol converter and supports over 100 T1/E1 protocols such as R1, R2, DASS, Q.Sig, DPNSS and Q.931; variants of SS#7 such as ETSI ISUP and IUP; IP Telephony standards such as H.323; as well as 2 and 4-wire analogue connections.

RedSelector runs on Redwood’s DNX/INX switching platform, which is network strength (it has recently been approved for connection to the BT network for freephone and indirect access) and has a range of fault alerting and resilience features built in. Chassis can be grouped in a cluster using an optical fibre backbone to provide increased capacity and redundancy.

The DNX/INX is a true multi-service platform, allowing the RedSelector switching application to be run on the same platform as value-added application types such as Personal Numbering, prepaid calling card, audio conferencing and Unified Messaging.

RedSelector is end-user programmable via an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface. Using TCP/IP, the switch can be controlled over local or wide area networks. RedSelector can be supplemented to include RTComposer®, Redwood’s graphical Rapid Application Development environment, which allows the user to develop their own services and eliminates the long lead times experienced with current equipment. The time needed to develop a new service is reduced by as much as 90%, and users can quickly create their own applications, or reprogram their system in response to changing market conditions. Additional benefits are that the user owns the source code of their application and they do not have to rely on a technical support team that may be based in another country, and in some inconvenient time zone.

July 1, 2000
Category: News