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Founded in 2013, Radius Communications delivers end-to-end cloud communications services, from the centre of the cloud through to the edge of a client’s infrastructure, simplifying the delivery of highly complex solutions. Hundreds of the world’s largest organisations are powered by storm®, Radius’s communications integration platform, in sectors ranging from utilities through finance to travel.

The flexibility of the storm cloud communications platform enables customers to take advantage of overlay and bespoke solutions tailored to specific needs, and also to large framework solutions that transform and optimise entire communications estates. Radius consultants have nearly a decade of experience in successfully delivering custom cloud solutions to these clients and work with organisations to provide a complete customer journey, from customising a bespoke solution on the storm platform through establishing network connections to installing applications on agent desktops.

Key Facts


Founded in 2013


Delivers end-to-end solutions and high-touch consultancy


Delivers services using storm®, Europe’s largest Communications Integration Platform


ISO 14001 accredited for environmental management

Radius’ dedicated networking solutions enable organisations to connect to storm services in a way that best suits their existing infrastructures and communications setups, whether through deploying broadband connections, SIP trunking, dedicated data links or otherwise.

Radius services cover three key areas:


Communications products such as cloud PBX, Unified Communications (voice, SMS, email, Instant Messaging and other channels run from a single platform), contact centre and payment systems enable organisations to provide feature-rich communications services to customers and colleagues on a highly cost-effective basis


Enable businesses to enhance existing IT infrastructure by adding new features to legacy equipment and allowing disparate systems such as CRM and Management Information platforms to communicate with each other


Connects organisations to storm in any required configuration, whether through dedicated data access, SIP trunking, 4G & GSM, mobile working or otherwise