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RedPBX™ is a powerful and flexible IP telephony application that provides highly intelligent IP-PBX functionality for any size of organisation.

RedPBX runs on the DNX®-400 media gateway platform from Redwood Technologies and sits within Redwood’s award-winning RTSinfonia® hardware and software architecture. The system is suitable for businesses of any size and can scale from tens to thousands of users.

RedPBX can be deployed as RedPBX CPE or as a highly resilient cloud solution. It is available as a standalone product or in conjunction with Redwood’s contact centre suite, RedContact™, for a comprehensive enterprise solution that covers both internal and external channels of communication.

Key Features

Underpinned by Voice over IP technology and the industry-standard SIP protocol, RedPBX has the look and feel of a traditional PBX system, but provides a host of powerful value-added features, including:

  • one-click or call-activated disaster recovery routing
  • intelligent forwarding and time-of-day services
  • twinning: treat mobile phones or any other number as if they are internal extensions
  • online voicemail management and a unified communications inbox
  • integrated call recording – on demand or by default
  • profile-driven inbound and outbound call barring
  • comprehensive audio conferencing facilities with operator-assisted or unmanaged conferencing capability
  • a screen-based, drag-and-drop switchboard and conference management application
  • flexible integration with any existing systems to provide services as additional layers rather than replacements, saving money and increasing efficiency
  • secure infrastructure backed by ISO27001 and ISO9001 accreditation
  • 99.999% availability for high resilience
  • RedPBX can be provided with a range of hardware SIP devices designed for office environments and contact centres, along with the iPath SIP client application that runs on a user’s desktop.