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Organisations often operate a large number of disparate IT and communication systems, whether to manage different channels of communication or to handle different aspects of operational or consumer data. When saturated with multiple, mutually exclusive strands of information, it can become extremely difficult to create consistency across any size of IT estate, leading to inefficiencies and severe restrictions on service effectiveness.

RTDataManagement™ is an application that interacts with RTIntegrate, enabling any number of different data sources to be converged in a Common Data Model. It allows users to create databases on Redwood platforms by uploading data from external systems into Tables, and then creating ‘views’ (i.e. data subsets) of those Tables. Services running on Redwood platforms can then reference specific data from these Table Views and use that information to condition or control how services operate. RTDataManagement enables external data to be supplemented with Redwood system data in the same database, facilitating the creation of services in RTFlow that utilise multiple sources of information.

RTDataManagement uses the CSV (Comma Separated Values) file format for all data imports in order to accommodate a wide variety of different formats of third-party databases. A simple text file is used to represent the rows and columns of a Table. Each line of text represents one row of the Table and in each row, items of data are separated from the next by a comma (without any spaces) to determine the column for the data.