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Communications Integration: RTIntegrate™

RTIntegrate™ is Redwood’s family of development tools and turnkey modules providing integration between disparate hardware and software systems for the purpose of communication. As an example an ACD (Automated Call Distribution) system, IM system and email system in a contact centre may be linked to a CRM system to unify communications and enable real-time intelligent service decisions to be made when a customer makes contact.

RTIntegrate APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) based on open and/or proprietary standards enable Redwood platforms to be integrated in very short timeframes and at comparatively low cost. Supported technologies include TCP/IP, secure HTTP, secure FTP (file transfer protocol), VoiceXML and SOAP.

Integration Capabilities

Redwood platforms and products can integrate with tens of database engines (including Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL) and can use many different channels for linking to external systems, including:

  • Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) queries and responses
  • SQL and Oracle requests and responses
  • SFTP – secure FTP file transfers
  • HTTPS – secure HTTP requests and responses
  • SOAP requests and responses for XML-based queries and data acquisition
  • VoiceXML for interactive voice dialogues
  • TCP/IP services
  • PHP and AJAX for dynamic web applications
  • SNMP – Simple Network Management Protocol for system alerting
  • SMTP and SMPP for email and SMS messaging
  • Web services using the RTIntegrate API to query remote data sources

How it Works


Services are created using RTFlow™ and RTComposer™ and provisioned using RTConductor™ and RTStudio™ to be run by RTPerformer™.


RTPerformer sends commands and information to and from Redwood’s engines, which drive hardware and software modules. Each engine has a different function, such as:

  • RT-IPM: (Voice over) IP Module
  • RT-ASR: Automated Speech Recognition
  • RT-SMS: Short Messaging Service
  • RT-VPM: Voice Processing Module
  • RT-DLI: Digital Line Interface
  • RT-ACM: Audio Conferencing Module

RTPerformer also communicates with RTIntegrate. This can be direct, through bespoke scripts that interact with third-party systems and feed back into RTPerformer, which then triggers events in the Redwood servers, or through Redwood applications driven by RTPerformer that communicate with external sources.


At the hardware level, Redwood DNX and RPU servers, which are configured using RTConductor, run services that have been created in RTFlow and RTComposer.


Through RTDataManagement™, data can be imported into databases on Redwood platforms, populating existing databases with additional third-party information from CRMs, databases or other external sources such as contact lists, or creating new databases that can be utilised in Redwood services. RTIntegrate APIs can connect with a wide range of external data and processes, by feeding in existing ACD queuing rules or enabling Redwood applications to communicate with existing PBXs, hardware, databases and software. CRM integration enables contact data to be fed into Redwood services and automatically updated.