Utilities: Overview

Sector Overview

Redwood Technologies provides a range of mission-critical communications services to some of the world’s largest and most admired private and public utilities operators.

Redwood’s solutions for inbound and outbound integrated multi-channel mass communications represent the industry gold standard in the handling of population-wide information delivery.

Based around Redwood’s multi-award-winning DNX® hardware and RTSinfonia® software architectures, the company’s utilities solutions integrate quickly and securely with leading live data environments to provide ultra-reliable communications applications.

Redwood equipment has the scalability and flexibility to meet the massive volumes of traffic triggered by the unpredictable demand surges that occur in utilities, enabling client organisations to adhere to demanding current and future industry regulations.

Furthermore the Redwood team’s long experience in best-practice communications solutions, tailored to the unique demands of the utilities sector, means that clients and consumers alike can expect to benefit from the latest thinking and technology, whilst enjoying rapid implementation and a low cost of procurement and operation.

A wide range of Redwood products have practical applications in the utilities sector. Organisations can utilise the intelligent, next-generation switching capabilities of RedPBX™ to handle huge volumes of inbound calls with any number of users, leveraging intelligent IVR routes customised in the RTFlow™ and RedResponse® Service Creation Environments (SCEs) to provide intelligent routing and automatic servicing for thousands of enquiries through pre-recorded prompts and information.

In combination with the latest RedContact™ converged contact applications, Redwood enables any consumers who cannot be serviced via full automation to be routed to the most appropriate helpdesk agent for their call, text, IM message or email, ensuring that all customers access the highest levels of service at all times, whilst guaranteeing maximum efficiency for the utilities provider.

At the same time, RedAlert™ gives utilities operators unrivalled proactive information distribution capabilities, ensuring that consumers are kept up to date with fault repair progress or other information, and helping regulate the demand for inbound services during normal operations or, especially, crisis situations.

In the control room, RedView™ provides real-time monitoring across all communications services, enabling managers to optimise service flows and agent distribution and maximising service levels. RTMonitor® looks across all of an organisation’s hardware and sites, aided by flexible RTIntegrate™ APIs to feed in externally-generated information in real-time. Disaster Recovery routing can be activated in just a click, ensuring business continuity even in extreme circumstances.