Retail & Online

Retail: Overview

In today’s crowded retail environment, the competitive edge is everything. Communications and integration provide the keys to delivering the mass-personalised retail experience that will bring enhanced consumer loyalty, increased market share and maximum sales margins and volumes.

Whether the proposition is in-store or online, across both high-value purchases and everyday shopping, Redwood’s communications integration technologies give its retail clients the advantage they need to grow their businesses.

Taking multi-channel communications as the starting point, Redwood’s solutions for retail incorporate the latest advances in behavioural analysis and propensity modelling to predict more accurately than ever who is going to do what, when and where.

This increases the likelihood that the right offer will be presented to the right person in the right situation to achieve the client’s desired outcome. Furthermore, Redwood’s secure transaction technology, interfacing with retailers’ stock systems, can even complete the sale on the spot.

Seamless integration to best-in-class external point-of-sale technologies such as bar-code scanning and RFID delivers the all-round experience that retailers need, creating an interactive environment optimised for customer engagement.

At a product level, Redwood provides a range of communications-based capabilities that enable retailers to engage proactively with consumers. RedResponse® and the drag-and-drop Service Creation utility, RTFlow™, combine to allow intelligent, mass contact services to be rapidly provisioned, addressing disparate customer groups and even individual customers with personalised promotions.

The RTIntegrate™ range of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) integrates with any existing systems, feeding back-end customer data into RedResponse – for example, customers with a history of buying a certain type of product could be automatically identified and offered a discount on the next purchase.

And when consumers want to contact their retailers directly, Redwood solutions provide the ultimate in self-service and enhanced contact routing, matching enquiries to the best possible recipient of a communication, whether via social media, Instant Messaging, email, SMS or voice call. Redwood’s contact centre capabilities include multi-channel recording and secure over-the-phone payments backed by PCI DSS Level 1 certification.

Redwood also marries the retailer’s contact centre with their online environment, with features such as click-to-call available as simple plug-ins.