Public Sector Customers

Sector Overview

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Redwood Technologies provides mission-critical communications services to Public Sector clients worldwide, including major federal and central government departments and agencies. These organisations benefit from the mass capacity, high security and extreme resilience of Redwood’s network-strength communications platforms, provided via on-premise, in-cloud or hybrid delivery models.

In government organisations, the need for security in critical communications is paramount. RedMatrix® multi-channel conferencing enables authorised users instantly to assemble multiple participants in a secure conference, while integration with RedRecorder™ provides compliant and reliable call recording to ensure that critical information is confidentially archived.

The scalable networking capabilities of RedPBX™ enable departments to unify sites and interwork with other organisations – RTIntegrate™ APIs communicate with over 100 different types of database and third-party systems, enabling information to be rapidly shared between offices and systems. Integration with RedContact™ provides intelligent queuing capabilities for calls, texts, Instant Messaging and email communications. This enables Public Sector organisations to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of front-line services through matching individual enquiries to the most appropriate source of information.

Mass outbound communications through RedDial™, RedAlert™ and RedResponse® keep dispersed users, such as emergency services workers and military personnel, as well as private citizens up-to-date with key information, from roadwork notifications to disaster warnings. Redwood technology is highly flexible, and all communications can be mass personalised.