Media: Overview

In today’s media environment, the need for mass audience interactivity has never been greater. Consumer expectations about their role in media – built up over more than a decade of TV mass voting and competitions, and now reinforced by the instant buzz of worldwide social networks – continue to escalate. Consumers now demand immediate results and they expect to be able to interact instantly and repeatedly via multiple devices and channels.

At the same time, advertisers now expect to gather instant responses from their media campaigns and even transact sales directly from advertisements, while programme makers agitate for new play-along game shows, live on-screen graphics and even completely sponsored entertainment formats. This new multi-channel, multi-media reality requires nationwide joined-up communications, delivering mass personalisation and backed up by slick data integration.

Redwood’s award-winning, record-breaking mass response technology provides some of the world’s largest media organisations with the ability to process millions of individual interactions across multiple channels and devices within minutes, through INX™ clusters comprised of mass capacity DNX® media server platforms. The DNX is built for maximum reliability and optimal efficiency, ensuring that all interactions are instant, irrespective of volume and at relatively low cost. Additionally, the flexibility of Redwood’s software enables media operators to engage with their audience through a range of intuitive multimedia applications, which integrate with popular on-screen technologies, off-line data sources and secure payment gateways.

Through RedResponse® and the RTFlow™ Service Creation Environment, for example, interactive polls can be rapidly created, customised and delivered, driven by web, Instant Messaging, email, text and voice inputs. Results are instantly collated and displayed in real-time via RedView™ dashboards, enabling organisations to conduct instant audience research. RedView also displays historical information in a wide variety of formats, including pie charts and line graphs, across a vast number of metrics, enabling producers, presenters and planners to drill down into public opinion with unrivalled insight, making for compelling viewing that reflects and shapes opinions.