Financial Services Customers

Sector Overview

Redwood Technologies provides services to some of the world’s largest financial sector organisations, including international banks, major insurance companies and building societies. Our long-standing reputation for providing intuitive, adaptable services underpinned by secure, reliable technology with the flexibility to meet any scale of demand makes Redwood the ideal choice to provide mission-critical communications services to financial organisations.

One of the most popular deployments of Redwood’s financial services is the secure multi-channel trading floor communications, enabling clients with multiple trading floors in different time zones to instantly provision or organise mass conferences at specific times and keeping traders in the loop in a rapidly-changing environment. This is achieved by implementing Redwood’s RedMatrix® mass conferencing solution, with the capacity to simultaneously handle hundreds of users across thousands of conferences whenever it is required.

By also integrating with RedRecorder, financial institutions can be assured that all relevant calls are securely recorded by Redwood’s PCI Level 1 Compliant, ISO27001 and ISO9001 accredited recording technology, providing the level of visibility across all trading floors necessary to ensure that traders are operating at maximum efficiency.

Redwood Technologies also provides secure billing systems, RTInstantBilling and RedRouter, which have been employed by a variety of financial clients globally, in applications that include providing populations with pre-paid phone billing or balance transfer capabilities and secure credit transfer.