Communications Services Providers (CSP)

Sector Summary

Redwood Technologies offers a range of strategic platforms and services for telecommunications network operators, with clients including some of the world’s best-known mobile, IP and fixed-line carriers.

From its foundation in 1993 Redwood has developed innovative network communications technology, pioneering many services and ways of working that have evolved into industry standards, such as object-oriented service creation software, real-time billing and broadcast mass interactivity.

Redwood’s products range from powerful DNX hardware, approved for carrier networks, through to cutting-edge enterprise and consumer-facing network applications that deliver unrivalled depths of functionality.

Redwood gives telecommunications organisations the capabilities to reach out to demanding, high-value client bases where interactivity is required across multiple channels of communication. Redwood’s products and solutions provide the underlying reliability and rich depth of features that fight commoditisation, provide true differentiation and lock down high-value corporate communications business.

Redwood’s programme of continual innovation enables telecommunications network operators to build and protect complex, high-margin services that are quick to create, simple to integrate and easy to adapt. Combined with the relative low cost of installing Redwood systems, this enables telecommunications organisations to enjoy competitive advantage across a wide range of market segments.