Local Services

Thames Valley Police Cadets

The Redwood Technologies Group showed its support for the local emergency services when it donated £5,000 to the Bracknell and Wokingham division of the Thames Valley Police Cadets.

The cadets scheme aims to give young people between the ages of 13 and 18 from all walks of life the opportunity to develop their individual qualities and skills through a structured programme. Supervised by cadet leaders, volunteers are able to get involved in crime and neighbourhood policing initiatives, partnership public safety campaigns and community events.

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By giving young people a voice in local policing practices and enabling them to make a difference within their local communities, the scheme enhances the relationship between police and public, whilst also giving young people from disadvantaged backgrounds a new opportunity to contribute in a valuable way to their local community. The scheme can also act as a stepping stone for those wishing to progress into the police force in the future.

The Group’s donation has already gone towards funding Redwood-branded polo shirts for the local cadet force, and will later be used to support the provision of laptops, combat trousers, projectors, banners, gazebos and the integration of new technologies.

Martin Taylor, who met with Inspector Jon Goosey to kick-start the funding relationship, remarked:

“We are thrilled to be supporting such a worthwhile initiative, which enables young people to do something really positive at a local level, whilst also helping them to understand the vital tasks that the police force carries out every day to keep our communities safe.”

Swallowfield Community Responders

Swallowfield Community Responders (SCR) are a first response service for medical emergencies in South Berkshire, run by South Central Ambulance Service. When a 999 call is made in the local area, a SCR ambulance-liveried 4×4 will be dispatched, when appropriate, alongside a standard ambulance.

With any life-threatening condition, the first 10 minutes is the most crucial time – and with a fleet of ambulances and specially-trained volunteers, SCR helps to save lives.

In 2012, a donation of £1,000 by Redwood Technologies and a further £2,000 from BCF went towards buying a new 4×4 for the Swallowfield and Spencers Wood Community First Responders. Serving rural areas near Redwood’s corporate headquarters in Berkshire, the 4×4 will be used to reach medical emergencies and provide advanced first aid techniques proven to increase chances of survival.

The life-saving vehicle was purchased with donations made by local commercial organisations like Redwood, as well as a £10,000 grant from The National Lottery Fund and contributions from local parish councils.