King’s College London

King’s College London is one of the world’s leading research universities. The Redwood Technologies Group has supported the university since 2013 through the sponsorship of two annual academic prizes.

The ‘Content Guru Prize for Best Performance in Strategic Management’ rewards the work of the highest achieving final year student in the College’s Department of Management studying BSc (Hons) Business Management. The annual prize-giving ceremony sees the winner presented with a trophy, engraved with the College crest, in addition to a solid silver medal inscribed with the recipient’s name. Each prize-winner will also be rewarded for their hard work by a generous grant of £1000, funded from Content Guru’s contributions to the College.

The ‘Redwood Technologies Prize for the Best Performance in MSc Telecommunications and Internet Technology’ is awarded annually to the student who achieves the best overall performance in MSc Telecommunications and Internet Technology. The winning student is chosen by the Board of Examiners for the Institute of Telecommunications and is formally presented with a trophy, decorated with the College crest, as well as a personalised silver medal engraved with their name, before their peers at a ceremony. They also receive prize money to the sum of £1000.

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Professor Hamid Aghvami, Director of the Institute of Telecommunications at King’s College London said:

“We are delighted that Redwood Technologies has decided to support the college by backing the foundation of this new award. Every year, the Institute of Telecommunications works with gifted students from around the world as they undertake world-leading research at the college. This award will enable the college to support these individuals and help them to realise their full potential.”

Sean Taylor commented:

“I’m delighted at a personal level as I was a student at King’s and Professor Aghvami (Dr Aghvami in my day) was my tutor. He is a great motivator and the guidance he gave and the knowledge gained from his department continue to help me in my job today.”

“On a wider level, over the last 175 years, King’s College graduates have had a profound impact on the development of science and technology as we know it today. We hope that the foundation of the Redwood Prize will help to inspire the next generation of King’s students to carry on this tradition, keeping King’s College London at the forefront of technological innovation for many years to come.”

The Edge

The PiXL (Partners in Excellence) Edge is an innovative life skills programme for young people, providing them with the opportunity to carry out internships at local businesses. The scheme enables young people to develop the life skills and attributes that employers look for, whilst also giving them an additional qualification to run alongside their academic successes.

The Redwood Technologies Group works with Bracknell’s Garth Hill College, providing internships in its Administrative and Marketing departments. Students from the College are able to get involved with key projects in the business, making a difference for both themselves and Redwood.