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Sean Taylor

Global CEO

Joined in: 1993
Location: Bracknell, UK (Global Headquarters)

Sean Taylor is co-founder and CEO of Content Guru.

In 1993 Sean co-founded sister company Redwood Technologies, a cutting-edge provider of multi-channel communications servers, which has supplied to large enterprises, government bodies and CSPs (Communication Services Providers) in over 50 countries.

At the end of 2005, predicting the emergence of what are today called ‘cloud services’, Content Guru was established. Leveraging Redwood’s technology, Content Guru offers multi-channel communications services from the cloud via its storm® platforms. The company has grown rapidly and become a market leader in ‘communications integration™’, which includes services such as cloud contact centers.

As with Redwood, Sean is heavily involved with the strategic direction of the Content Guru, working at a technical level with the core teams that define high-level product design and commercially on the company’s go-to-market strategy, including the establishment of key partnerships.

Before co-founding Redwood and Content Guru, Sean worked in the engineering team of Rhetorex Inc. (acquired by Lucent), a pioneer in the field of Computer Telephony, both in the UK and in San Jose, California.

Sean is a Trustee of Berkshire Community Foundation, a charity specializing in the care of vulnerable adults and children. For his work in helping set up its Business Philanthropy Club he was selected as a finalist at the Charity Staff & Volunteers Awards in 2014.

He is also a member of the CBI’s Enterprise Forum, assisting with a range of policy matters such as access to finance for businesses and boosting exports.

Sean holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Electronics and Computer Science from King’s College, University of London and maintains links with the university through the annually awarded Redwood Technologies Prize for Best Performance in the MSc Telecommunications and Internet Technology programme.

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Martin Taylor

Global CMO

Joined in: 1993
Location: Bracknell, UK (Global Headquarters)

Martin Taylor is one of the co-founders of Content Guru, responsible for strategic market development and the company’s public sector practice.

After graduating from King’s College, University of London, with a BSc(Hons) in Business Management, Martin worked as a futures market analyst in Asia. He returned to the UK to help launch Redwood Technologies in 1993, developing new overseas territories – particularly emerging markets – and adapting Redwood’s powerful and unique core technology for new sectors.

A pioneer in real-time billing, Martin’s early work with deregulated telecommunications operators led directly to the multi-tenanted, multi-level, multimedia accounting platform that underpins Content Guru’s cloud services. Martin also devised a number of important interactive media and payment applications that are today commonplace around the world.

The coiner of the storm® brand and a leading innovator in the field of cloud-based enterprise communications, Martin is a regular speaker at international conferences and in the media. He sits on the CBI Intellectual Property Committee and on the Advisory Board of the Department of Management at King’s College London, where he delivers occasional lectures on strategy and entrepreneurship.

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Wolfgang Hellmanzik

Country Manager (DACH)

Joined in: 2017
Location: Munich, Germany (DACH Regional Office)

Wolfgang Hellmanzik took the role of Country Manager DACH (Deutschland, Austria & Switzerland) in 2017. He is responsible for managing cloud deployments of storm across Germany, having previously worked as CEO at IT ConXept GmbH and Managing Director: Central Europe at Aculab.

When asked about his new role, Hellmanzik said:

“I’m thrilled to be taking on such a key role within the Group. Germany is Europe’s second largest contact center market with a growing cloud communications market, making it an excellent time to work with Redwood Technologies’ award-winning brand.”

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Michael van den Brink

CEO (Netherlands)

Joined in: 2013
Location: The Hague, The Netherlands (Benelux Regional Office)

Michael van den Brink is the country manager for Content Guru B.V., the Netherlands branch of Content Guru. He joined the company in March 2013, bringing a wealth of management experience in the Dutch market from Content Guru’s Netherlands network partner, KPN.

After graduating from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences with a degree in Business Administration, Michael joined KPN’s Business Market division as a Project Manager, from which he rapidly progressed to the role of Implementation Manager for new releases of sales tools aimed at the consumer market.

Following this, in December 2003 he became an Account Manager for the key Rotterdam region, where he worked with numerous large enterprise customers, before becoming a Key Account Manager for the Corporate Market across the entire Netherlands. Michael then moved on to become a Sales Manager at Newtel Essence, gaining experience in the contact center and customer relationship management (CRM) environments.

His final role at KPN before joining Content Guru was as Director of Sales for Large Enterprise, where he was instrumental in increasing intake and turnover.

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John Rees Icon

John Rees


Joined in: 2010
Location: Bracknell, UK (Global Headquarters)

John graduated from Durham University with BA(Hons) degree in Business Economics. He joined Content Guru in January 2010.

From graduation, John trained as an accountant in the Thames Valley before jointly founding 8el, a UK-focused voice and data carrier, in 1999. 8el provides wide area networking and VoIP services into mid-sized businesses.

Within 8el John’s main area of responsibility were the financial and commercial day-to-day activities of the business. These included management and financial reporting, the business model and legal and supplier relationships.

John managed the development of 8el’s business division, servicing the Formula One motor racing community, and was subsequently responsible for the corporate positioning which achieved the successful sale of that division. More recently, as well as his commercial and financial role, John led the Sales and Marketing team to launch and successfully grow 8el’s IP Centrex solution.

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Ed Winfield

UK Sales Director

Joined in: 2017
Location: Bracknell, UK (Global Headquarters)

Ed Winfield is UK Sales Director at Content Guru.

Ed joined Content Guru in 2017, with responsibility for developing Content Guru’s presence and customer base in the UK. This role has a key focus on optimising customer engagement.

Previously, Ed worked for Vodafone as Head of Global Accounts (Northern Europe) and Cable & Wireless Worldwide, where he worked his way to Director – Global SaaS Alliances storm.

Ed holds a Masters from CGAM, University of St.Gallen, having previously studied at the University of Teesside and graduated with a BA (Hons) in Public Management.

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Rob Mansfield Icon

Rob Mansfield


Joined in: 1993
Location: Bracknell, UK (Global Headquarters)

Robert Mansfield is Co-CTO at Content Guru.

Rob joined the Group in 1996 from Lucent Technologies Computer Telephony Products division (formerly Rhetorex Inc.), where he worked from graduation, having started in technical support and finished as Engineering Manager. He graduated from King’s College London with a BEng (Hons) in Electronics and Computer Science.

He has a key responsibility for overseeing and implementing the software development methodologies that underpin Content Guru’s communications architecture, and has been instrumental in introducing agile development techniques and KanBan organisational processes across the business.

As Co-CTO, he is also responsible for overseeing the strategic development of the Group’s storm® Communications Integration™ platform and the management of future product releases, with responsibilities ranging from software development to network design and security.

“I have one of the most enjoyable jobs at Content Guru, working in the heart of our core technology design team, keeping our capabilities and architecture right at the cutting edge. Every day I am tackling the challenges of what can be delivered today, whilst mapping out the next generation of technology across our global companies.”

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Matthew Chadd

Project Management Director

Joined in: 1993
Location: Bracknell, UK (Global Headquarters)

Matt Chadd has worked as part of the Redwood Technologies Group since 1995.

In Content Guru, he oversees the Project Management team, responsible for delivering end-to-end cloud solutions through storm. Matt’s primary areas of concern are the company’s highly-successful utilities and healthcare deployments, which have won multiple industry awards for innovation and reliability.

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Shub Naha

Business Development Director

Joined in: 2015
Location: Bracknell, UK (Global Headquarters)

Shub Naha joined Content Guru in 2015 as a Business Development Director, responsible for delivering focused and profitable growth of storm® cloud communications and contact centre services and working alongside the company’s strategic partners.

Shub has joined the company from Airwave (formerly O2) where he worked in UK/ International market and business development roles for 7 years. Prior to this he was a member of the senior leadership team of two rapidly expanding technology companies where he played a key role in their successful stock market floatation/acquisitions. He has also worked for Cable & Wireless within its Professional Services business unit.

Shub is qualified as an Electronics Engineer from Kings College London, and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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